Ambient Lighting Trends for 2015

Thanks to their cumulated experience, Neon Group experts strive to provide their customers with best quality products, incorporating the latest trends. Both technical and esthetic related trends. Ambient lighting is an essential component of interior space of all kinds: private residence, hotels, restaurantas and cafes, clubs, offices, industrial space, exhibition areas and commercial surfaces.
2015 brings along the futurist designs of lighting objects on one hand, and revitalizes classic design lines with current vision. The sustainable and energetically effective alternatives gain terrain in the contemporary ambient space.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a growing trend, both outdoors and indoors. As an effective solution, LED light are best suited for terraces, shelters or gardens and is easily adaptable for kitchen, dressing, closets, workshops and garage lighting.

Pendant Lighting

2015 light fashion brings again in the forefront of design lighting objects such as pendants. Some pendants are inspired from pas trends, vintage style, other are ultra-modern. Bowl and drum silhouettes are at high demand. They fit easily in functional spaces as in public spaces, where a certain atmosphere must be achieved.


Chandeliers have their own charm. In 2015, 2 major trends are to be distinguished:

  • Miniature, modern chandeliers that fit in small spaces and do not compromise the chosen style.
  • In opposition, dramatic, opulent chandeliers for ample spaces are required. They make the right choice especially there where a special artistic effect is intended.

Drawers and Cabinets Lighting

In order to avoid looking for stuff in the darkness of deep drawers and cabinets, trendsetters in the field promote the idea of lighting them. The solutions are multiple and quite elegant. Miniature lighting objects and LEDs are just some of these solutions.

Shower Lighting

A recent phenomenon is the ever increasing importance for lighting showers and bathrooms. With special requests due to the variable temperature and humidity, the lighting objects for showers must be carefully chosen and installed. The aim is to create a relaxing or revitalizing atmosphere.

Wireless Lighting Coupled with Security Systems

Along with the development of security systems technologies for residential, commercial or industrial buildings, the lighting systems of these ones have also been developing. What’s more, due to the movement sensors, lighting can now be done in accordance with the movement of the persons, animals and objects.

Copper Accessories

Copper is back in fashion. There where the metal is not suitable, one can opt for the color: copper. The main accessories – support bars or arms – can be designed so that they enhance the texture of the copper metal and its reflexion.

Taking into consideration these trends, we recommend consulting our NEON LIGHTING catalogue and calling for our specialists to implement the optimal ambient lighting solutions.