NEON LIGHTING provides complex solutions for street, architectural, festive and ambient lighting that aim at increasing the effectiveness of low and medium voltage networks by decreasing the consumption power and by alternate electricity sources.

The solutions are provided along a well-established delivery process:

  1. Assessment of the current situation ( quality measurement, control and evaluation for existing installations)
  2. Solution proposition
  3. Solution design and demo test
  4. Solution execution/implementation
  5. Commissioning and training for system operation
  6. Maintenance

Improvement of Electric Networks Effectiveness

Te effectiveness of low and medium voltage networks can be remotely achieved via the CPAnet and Green Box systems. Both systems are state-of-the art, including last generation technologies.

The CPAnet system implies the existence of an astrological watch, internet communications, an integrated software for setting coordinates – so that the setup of on/off lighting hours results in scale economies.

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Green Box is a device that can reduce the electrical power through voltage alternations, thus reducing the actual consumed electric power. In order to recover the costs that the deployment of this sytems implies, NEON LIGHTING presents a customized calculation for each beneficiary.

Alternating electric energy sources

When building low and medium voltage networks, NEON LIGHTING proposes the alternate usage of electric energy sources.

When choosing a solution, we also analyse the optimal electric energy source for each beneficiary. It often happens that projects are unique and completely different.

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