Festive Lighting

Since ancient times, Light is the symbol of life, of joy and rebirth.

Since ancient times, Light is the symbol of life, of joy and rebirth. Both religious and laic festivities celebrate important moments of our physical and spiritual lives, bringing light within the ceremonies. If once the fire was the element lighting up these ceremonies, in our contemporary world the fire has been replaced – not always! – with electric lighting.

NEON LIGHTING has developed its expertise for a broad festive lighting scope, by delivering innovative solutions and original works.

Festive lighting is suitable for both outdoor and indoor locations. Depending on the event, NEON LIGHTING is able to customize the lights game and the color range. An essential component are planning and sizing of the festive lighting project. Public institutions, large commercial centers and private companies must work tightly with our exprt team in order to achieve the desired effect.

Should you be willing to mark a religious ceremony – Christmas, Easter or a laic ceremony – Dragobete (Valentine’s Day), Sanziene (The Fairies Night), the city days, the fortress days, etc., a moment in the life of a company – corporate anniversaries, product launches and new locations, or a state ceremony – National Day, presidential and military ceremonies etc. , NEON LIGHTING team provides a complex service and product range.