Music festivals are among some of the main events where people have real fun. These days, one of major music events of the year is unfolding near Cluj-Napoca. It gathers thousands of electronic music fans, who are looking for a city break, in a history loaded venue-Bonțida Castle. We are talking about the music festival  that became a real phenomenon, ELECTRIC CASTLE, which becomes larger and more successful every year! It is the fourth edition of ELECTRIC CASTLE and it consists of four days of electronic music, with shades of reggae and rock.

The atmosphere created at the festival is the result of the combination between the decorations, the lights, the music and the venue. Since the main expertise of NEON LIGHTING includes festive decorations and festive lighting, it created an opportunity for a partnership with ELECTRIC CASTLE. In order to obtain an inspiring atmosphere at the festival, the combination between Banffy castle in Bonțida and the modern lighting systems, was considered suitable. Therefore, the event could be framed in a bohemian background, combined with minimalist elements. Also, as NEON LIGHTING is specialized in bright decorations, match order to help turning this event into a brand, that puts Cluj-Napoca on the European map of the electronic musical festivals.

Thank you ELECTRIC CASTLE for this oportunity. You can always count on us!