NEON GROUP at Christmasworld 2015, Frankfurt Messe

Between the 29th of January and the 2nd of February 2015, NEON GROUP team has showcased its specialized products, services and solutions at “Christmas World” 2015 in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany. Christmasworld is the leading event of the decorative industry and has grown as the most performing international business platform in the field.   924 exhibitors from 42 countries have delighted the audience.  One of the trends that borka.herke.palmisano consulting company has identified at the exhibition was the preference for narrative themes, thus they have grouped the Frankfurt 2015 phenomenon under the suggestive title of “Stories to be told”.

NEON GROUP Story at Christmasworld 2015

Situated in Hall 11, stand A68, NEON GROUP has surprised the visitors with a theme inspired from fairytales and nature: concept outdoor lighting objects shaped as over dimensional mushrooms. Imagination could take you in the wonderful world of Habarnam (“Ihavenoidea” – a local fantasy character), or Thumbelina or in Mircea Eliade’s fantastic universe – … everything in function of the observers’ eye. What’s more, according to the western folklore little supernatural entities like dwarfs, elves or fairies live in the charmed mushrooms in the woods!

In such a joyful-fantastic like atmosphere, NEON GROUP has showcased to its’ guests and visiting specialists a service range covering the design and execution of street, architectural, ambient and festive lighting systems.

The Christmasworld 2015 after show statement of eng. Augustin Cosma – General Manager, NEON Lighting, was conclusive: “We have to admit and adapt to a developing phenomenon within the lighting industry – the virtualization of lighting objects retailing.  Both as a manufacturer and distributor, we realize that we are slightly shifting towards the stage where things happen somewhere between the virtual and real worlds…. It is a new beginning. Nevertheless, sine NEON GROUP has the experience of the raw beginnings in the 90’s; we kept our agility and appetite for shaping the market in trend with the latest technologies.”

About the Art of Staging and NEON GROUP

Though we could discern among several trends during the exhibition – the prevalence of copper in order to warm up a sober elegant atmosphere; the pastel accents for a fresh sensation; the black-white contrast for dramatic results; the inclination for materials such as feathers, furs or velour in order to incite the tactile sense; natural elements attempting to recreate the seasonal atmosphere; the preference for polar animals in 2015 (polar bear, penguins, Nordic birds) and for delicate elegant compositions, carefully refined; – the dominant trend has put its mark on the show: storytelling.

Simple lighting objects or complex lighting compositions had one goal: the staging of a story. “Emotionalization” and “staging” became the words of the day. To experts in commerce, tourism or entertainment, the importance of lighting in order to create a desired atmosphere is well known. Lighting is currently gaining terrain in the process of weighing the impact on the well-being of a customer entering a shop, a guest visiting a hotel or a tourist walking in the city center at night…

NEON GROUP seized the development of the staging wave through the nature of the requests druing the latest years. Designers of both commercial areas and public areas formulate request for more and more sophisticated solutions that need careful planning and design. Our team has conclude that such requests are the result of a growing concern for atmosphere, for the impact on the environment and for maximizing the impression on the subjects entering these illuminated areas.

In addition, another developing trend on the Romanian market is the constant preoccupation of apartment and house owners to customize the living areas in alignment with their own personal story. The raw functionality stage is over; the esthetic and the epic silently sleek in.

Festive Lighting in Fall-Winter 2015 / 2016

The specific goal of our participation at Christmasworld 2015 was that of taking the pulse of the international festive lighting market and to promote our projects. We are proud that some of our concepts were really well received and we are ready to deliver seamless execution.

For fall-winter 2015 / 2016 we have prepared a new NEON GROUP catalogue, that we are gladly inviting you to oversee online or to request it in printed form.

The technical details and propositions may be discussed with our experts: