The Enhancement of Electric Network Effectiveness

Enchaining the effectiveness of electric energy consumption is a hot topic among NEON LIGHTING customers. Increasing the effectiveness of low and medium-voltage electric networks by reducing their consumption and the use of alternative energy sources means going through the process highlighted in the dedicated section of our website: evaluation of the current situation, the design and testing of a demo solution, the execution of the agreed solution, the commissioning and the training of the beneficiary in order to operate the systems, the maintenance of the implemented solution.

The enhancement of low and medium-voltage electric networks may be achieved by remote management using the CPAnet and Green Box systems. In the following lines we will describe the CPAnet system.

CPAnet is a new real-time remote monitoring and management system of lighting networks that uses computers over internet or a mobile phone over GSM. The outcome of the system is the intelligent control of lighting, while also taking into consideration the factors that may influence the effectiveness of management and control (weather conditions, traffic intensity, and so on).

The system components are: astronomical watch, DMK network analyzer, current reducer for measurement and antenna. The CPAnet device incorporates a factory built-in GPS receiver, that facilitates its localization and the setting of sunrise and sunset time.

Essentially, while using CPAnet system we can control and record the electric energy consumptions, the networks parameters and the alarm situations. The on/off command of a lighting system that uses CPAnet may be also done by an SMS form the mobile phone.

CPAnet assures the control and monitoring of a lighting system (on/off) and together with Green Box (a central power reducer box) or other devices such as photocells, waterfall networks – it achieves consumption reduction, in other words the lighting systems effectiveness.

The CPAnet system main characteristics and advantages:

  • full control and real time management of lighting systems
  • GPRS and SMS based communication
  • time synchronization via GPS and automate configuration of the device according to its geographical location
  • network parameters analysis (current, voltage, power, energy) and alarm situation analysis
  • data archive
  • reporting system of the controlled parameters
  • HTTPS system security (data encryption)
  • user individual accounts
  • CPAnet system remote visualization
  • remote software and GPRS settings upgrade (free for 24 months)
  • the possibility to control the system via SMS
  • automated time calculator and automated winter/summer hour change
  • CPAnet system over Googlemap
  • operators’ groups management

For details related to the technical parameters and functional specifications, you are welcome to contact us directly.