NEON LIGHTING is a growing leader on the regional market of street lighting, architectural lighting, festive lighting and ambient lighting solutions, systems and objects.

About us

NEON is a Romanian lighting solutions and products provider, founded in 1991 in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania.

NEON GROUP’s expertise in specific lighting and electric energy solutions spans over 5 main divisions, across different under brands companies:

  • Illuminated signs – by Neon Product Ltd.
  • Electrical products – by Neon Lighting Ltd.
  • Festive illumination and seasonal lighting – by Neon Lighting Ltd.
  • Design, execution and maintenance of electrical installations – by Neon Services Ltd.
  • Hand forged wrought iron furniture and design products combined with wooden, rock and glass elements, in a classic, traditional or modern style – by Cosel Caval

NEON LIGHTING has a modern warehousing, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure:

  • 4 retail and en gros stores situated in Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, Satu Mare and Oradea.
  • 2 branded showrooms Magia Luminii  in Cluj-Napoca and Satu Mare
  • 1 online shopw for lighting products and systems:

NEON LIGHTING is acting mainly on the Romanian domestic market and on the wider European market.

Handling multiple lighting brands, NEON LIGHTING is the importer and distributor of the following brands: NOWODVORSKI , SIGMA, ACB, MAYTONI, SCHULLER, NOVA LUCE, MANTRA, ZUMTOBEL, LEDVANCE, DALBER, ZAMBELIS, MAKEL, ABB, ROSA, KOLARZ, OSRAM.

Our certified and highly skilled team of professionals in electric systems, namely indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, is able to design and deliver lighting systems using advanced electrical technologies.

NEON LIGHTING: Brief History

  • NEON LIGHTING is founded along with the import of the neon tubes production technology for illuminated signs.

    the trade department develops at a considerable pace and becomes an exclusive distributor of TESLA LIGHTING, TUNGSRAM LIGHTING and ABB in Romania, and of specific electro-technical materials for industry and construction

  • NEON LIGHTING opens its first branches in the country and in the Republic of Moldova

  • the service range grows with the following:
    – Design and execution services
    – Complete works in the energy and indoor/outdoor lighting

  • the production unit is being equipped with the festive and ornamental lighting production technology

    the design and prototyping studio is founded

  • NEON LIGHTING attends for the 1st time in the company’s history the International Lighting Technology Fair  Frankfurt Christmasworld, in Germany

  • NEON LIGHTING steps in the international market and makes its 1st exports (to the European Union and Eastern Europe)

  • an ample rebranding and identity redefinition process is initiated

    the showrooms are modernized

    the production technologies are updated

  • the Satu Mare showroom and logistic point is inaugurated

  • the Timisoara showroom and logistic point is inaugurated

  • the online shop for lighting products and systems in launched

  • we set up our Neon Lighting store in Sibiu

  • the company sets partnerships with the largest music festival in Romania: Untold, Neversea, Electric Castle.

  • the company diversifies its business divisions with its latest investment in a residential complex on Marasesti street, in Cluj-Napoca

  • start of engineering and execution works for the modern public lighting system of Zalau Smart City project

Neon Lighting Ethics

The NEON LIGHTING business relies on a clear vision, a well-defined mission and a time tested values.


NEON LIGHTING aims at becoming one of the regional leaders in ambient, architectural and festive lighting solutions and systems.


NEON LIGHTING is committed to fulfill its customers’ needs by the following:

  • the constant alignment to the newest lighting  technologies;
  • the delivery of highest quality services for each activity field: prototyping and design, execution and setup;
  • the design of optimal solutions for effective electric networks, by reducing the consumption power and/or by alternative electric energy sources;


Team spirit

Both within the relationship with our colleagues and with our business partners (suppliers and customers), we believe in the formation of project teams.  When we function as a team, we are all motivated by a common objective

The passion for the lighting technology

Inspired by the owner of the company himself, the passion for neon modeling technologies, for the lighting systems technologies and for void technologies spreads among the team of engineers, designers and diverse experts.


Reclaiming traditional values and principles, our respect for all the business stakeholders, for our team members and for our working system is framing out a pleasant atmosphere ruled by trust and common sense.

Professional competency

Any successful business is built on solid field know-how, technical capacity and practical skills. That is why, professional competency is one of the values that brought NEON LIGHTING where it is today.


In order to offer high quality services and products, NEON LIGHTING team treats responsibility as a core principle guiding their work and the relationship with any customer. The conscience of well done work is the one that borught us prestige and recognition on the regional market.


As a growing and expanding business, NEON LIGHTING adapts to its new dimensions.

Should you be passionate about lighting systems, you are welcome to send us a CV and a letter of intent at the following email address or to fill the form below.


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